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The Planning and Zoning Department is dedicated to improving the quality of life for all residents, and creating an environment that welcomes visitors and fosters new investment. The department collaborates with staff in other departments, other units of government, elected officials, board members and community members, to implement these goals. Through the creation of plans, programs and policies, the Planning and Zoning Department ensures the community’s vision for a bright future is realized.

The Planning and Zoning Department can provide information and assist residents and business owners on the following topics:

  • Zoning district information
  • Setbacks for buildings, additions, sheds, garages, and fences
  • Zoning Hearing Board appeals and applications for Special Exception
  • Zoning Hearing Board application procedures
  • Subdivision and Land Development regulations
  • Plans or agenda items reviewed the Planning Commission
  • Conditional Use applications before the Planning Commission and Board of Commissioners
  • The Haverford Township Comprehensive Plan
  • Applications for Historic Commission review and recommendation
  • Floodplain regulations
  • Intermunicipal liquor license transfers
  • Additional Information

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