BOC Icon Haverford Township's Human Resources Department..

..focuses primarily on recruiting, compensation, employee benefits, and cost recovery.

Since the Township's staff consists of more than 200 individuals, Haverford Township itself is one of the major employers within the municipality. The Township's operating efficiency requires both the maintenance of a skilled workforce and cost-effective administration of salaries and benefits.

The department processes all property, casualty, automobile, flood, and workers' compensation claims.

We must limit employee turnover to minimize service disruptions to our residents. When employee vacancies do arise, we respond quickly to identify and hire candidates with the appropriate skills.

Additionally, the department monitors and adjusts the various exempt and non-exempt pay classifications, job responsibilities and pension benefits. The department also coordinates the drug and alcohol testing program for both the police and civilian employees.

Counseling services are provided to our employees through the Employee Assistance Program. We feel it is important for Township employees to have an avenue available for addressing their personal concerns and needs.

Human Resources acts as a supportive vehicle to the Police Civil Service Commission and is responsible for the preparation of the Municipal Directory.

Residents have come to expect quality service from the Township. The Human Resources Department's role in this process is to ensure a skilled, competent and dedicated workforce, while maintaining a cost effective approach to benefits and insurance administration. It is the department's objective to focus on heightening overall employee morale and strengthening the wellness program in order to respond to the community's diverse needs.

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