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The Public Works Department’s mission is to serve the residents of Haverford Township. Public Works is the largest work force in Haverford Township and is made up of a number of subdivisions that keep the Township running:

The Highway Division maintains 132 miles of Township roads. In the winter, the Highway division is responsible for the brining, salt and plowing of these roads in addition to 33 miles of state roads. In the fall, the Highway Division is responsible for curbside leaf collection.

The Sanitation Division is responsible for the collection and disposal of trash, recycling and brush from each home on designated pickup days.

Shade Tree:
The Shade Tree Division is responsible for the removal and trimming of all trees in the Township right-of-way.

Vehicle/Fleet Maintenance:
The Vehicle/Fleet Maintenance Division is responsible for maintaining the operational efficiency of all Township vehicles and construction equipment.

The Sewer Division is responsible for the construction and maintenance of the Township storm and sanitary sewer systems. Approximately 149 miles of sewer system piping is maintained by this division.

Paint and Sign:
The Paint and Sign Division makes, installs, repairs and replaces all of the street and traffic signs throughout the Township, including crosswalks and traffic markers on Township roads.

The Public Works Department maintained Township roadways, street lights and traffic signals. For any complaints regarding trees, sanitary or storm sewers, trash, recycling or other Public Works issues, please call 610-446-1000 ext. 2263 or email Permits must be obtained from the Public Works Department for sidewalks, curbs, driveway aprons, sewer connections and dumpster/pods in the street. The Haverford Township recycling drop off binds are located at 1 Hilltop Road

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