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Haverford Township School District
50 East Eagle Road
Havertown, PA 19083
Private and Parochial Schools

Haverford High School
200 Mill Rd, Havertown
Ext. 2000

Haverford Middle School
1701 Darby Rd, Havertown
Ext. 5000

Chatham Park Elementary School
400 Allston Rd, Havertown
Ext. 1000

Cardinal John Foley
Regional Catholic School
300 E. Eagle Road, Havertown   P:610-446-4608

Friends School (Private)
851 Buck Lane Haverford
P: 610-642-2334

Haverford School (all boys private School)
450 Lancaster Ave, Haverford 
P: 610-642-3020

Chestnutwold Elementary School
630 Loraine St, Ardmore
Ext. 8000

Coopertown Elementary School
800 Coopertown Rd, Bryn Mawr
Ext. 3000

Lynnewood Elementary School
1400 Lawrence Rd, Havertown
Ext. 4000

Sacred Heart School (Parochial)
109 N. Manoa Rd, Havertown,
P: 610-446-9198

SS. Colman-John Neumann School
372 Highland Lane, Bryn Mawr,
P: 610-525-3266


Manoa Elementary School
201 South Manoa Rd, Havertown
Ext 6000