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Members Meetings
•Henry Eichman (Dec. 2019) – President • Cecelia Helenski, DVM (Dec. 2019) 7:30 p.m. . on the second Tuesday of each month
•Eric West (Dec. 2019) – Vice President • Judith Venuto, OD (Dec. 2021) Room 201C
•Anne Reilly (Dec. 2019) • Bryce Carter, PhD (Dec. 2022) Municipal Services Building,
•Susan Hands-Barb (Dec. 2020) • Kenneth Simbiri, PhD (Dec. 2023) 1014 Darby Rd., Havertown, PA 19083
• Timothy Cousounis – Community Health Affiliates-Accidental Poisoning • Catherine D’Orazio (Dec 2022)  


The Health Board shall be a regular advisory board and, as such, it shall be only advisory and shall perform no administrative duties. The duties of the Health Advisory Board shall be to:
(A) Make recommendations and provide advice to the Director of Community Development and the Board of Commissioners pertaining to the protection and preservation of the public health of the citizens of Haverford Township. (B) Receive public health complaints of citizens and make recommendations to the Director of Community Development pursuant to them. (C) Make such reports pertaining to matters affecting public health as the Township Manager
and/or Board of Commissioners may request. (D) Provide recommendations and advice to the Director of the Department of Code Enforcement in regard to those health regulations and practices deemed to relate to the function of the Department of Code Enforcement. (Article XX Health Advisory Board § 4-521 Powers and duties


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